Exist Loudly, Exist Freely Pt. 2

Exist Loudly, Exist Freely Pt. 2

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Maybe we love that phrase around here, because you'll now see two variations of this design! 

Step one: go run through a field and grab a handful of wildflowers.

Step two: get this board.

Step three: ride around town with a bouquet of wildflowers on your new wildflower board and blow people's minds with this flower inception. 

Step four: repeat.

  • All board materials are made here in the USA, in Huntington Beach, California. It's stunning out there.
  • 70mm, 78a cruiser wheels.
  • 180 mm reverse kingpin Free Soul trucks.
  • 36" Bamboo Dropthrough Deck
  • Clear grip tape.
  • Sealed with a Polyurethane protective coating, so you can ride in the rain if need be. Try not to, though— longboards aren't best friends with water.
  • Bamboo. It's beautiful. You just wait.