The Story Behind Bake and Skate

Life Update for All the Fans... I got married!
The hubs is a hottie + we are in love.
(also, he loves my baking & skating & creating... so again, best decision ever)
Hey, I'm Elisa Garcia & I'm stoked you clicked your way here!
I have a lot of stories, but here's the one you asked for.
Boards & baked goods?
Oh yeah baby, here's how it went down...
Age 16 | Watched a YouTube series on longboarding, called Original Skateboards: Puerto Rico Series. My heart said, "Yup, this is what I want to do."
Age 17 | Began baking a ridiculous amount, thus leading to my desire to open a bakery.
I also thoroughly love puns, rhymes, and alliteration,
so the name Bake and Skate was born.
Age 18 | Was nannying for a super shonky business man who wanted me to sell part of Bake and Skate to him so he'd become a business partner...meaning it would now just be a bakery. (He didn't believe a half-longboard shop/half bakery could have potential. Poor man. He didn't know what was coming.) I said thank you, but my passion isn't just for "Bake", and my passion isn't just for "Skate", it's for "Bake and Skate". I went home that night and bought the domain, because I was afraid someone would steal it.
Age 19 | Moved to Ghana. Here I met incredible women in these markets who don't get nearly what they deserve for their beautiful handcrafted goods, so the idea of Sew The World Knows was brought to life.
***Sew The World Knows is a separate arm of Bake and Skate, which will be initiated when I open the physical storefront in the food truck now that I moved back to America (+ COVID pending). It is a not-for-profit fair trade handcrafted goods movement, designed to properly honor these talented women around the world by giving them what they actually deserve for their cool-as-junk products. I'm stoked, you're stoked, we're all stoked for STWK.
Age 20 | Began studying Entrepreneurship at uni, where I was taught how to run a business, the ins and outs of website design, and that there is no graceful way to eat a pita wrap.
Age 21| Moved to Cambodia and Thailand, where STWK was brought to life to an even fuller extent by living with these incredible women.
Age 22 | Moved to Guatemala, where, you guessed it, I met more and more women whose handicrafts I cannot wait to bring on to STWK.
Age 23 | Created, constructed, and cultivated this shop— so, I do hope you love it. BTW, I took courses on how to code sites for you, so it better look good. 
Now, I'm 27 and this shop is a dream come true.