Shipping and Delivery


Since our apparel is all hand-stitched and our longboards are all hand-painted, it may take a little extra time depending on the extent of detail in your order. That being said, our apparel is usually finished being stitched within a week of your order date, our boards are usually finished between 3-4 weeks (the painting, drying, sealing, and assembling) and then our carriers typically take between 3-7 days to ship the package to you, depending on your location. 

I know this sounds like common knowledge, but I wanted to clarify before you spend your time asking how our shipping process works.



i.e. Canada!

See above, cool cat.

Please note that taxes and/or duty fees may be charged on delivery of the order by your local government. This cost is not covered by us, and we'd suggest contacting the relevant local authorities to confirm any potential additional charges. Sorry that sounded harsh, we love you :)