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At Bake and Skate, we're pretty versatile. While longboards are rad as all get out, you need some clothes to wear while riding those longboards. This collection of hand-stitched apparel can help with that dilemma.

Each piece of clothing is stitched on a funky article of clothing we've found around town.

This means each item is a first come first serve, one-of-a-kind deal, usually posted on our social media right when it arrives. The funky shirts we find around town vary in sizes, so some might be XXL and some might be XS. It's a wild world we live in, man.

If you have a specific phrase in mind that you want on a shirt, shoot us a message and we'll make it work! 

And just as a heads up, we usually have yellow, black, and grey sweatshirts in the studio ready to stitch on, so if you have a certain phrase you want on any of those colors, we can make those more readily than the other custom colors.