Samir’s Intergalactic board!!
Samir’s Intergalactic board!!
Samir’s Intergalactic board!!

Samir’s Intergalactic board!!

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My heart exploded when I met Samir. Living in Atlanta, we’re met with the unfortunate reality of homelessness around every corner, and it’s been on my heart for a while now to be connected with a local shelter to do fun new projects together!!

Why would you want to buy a board painted by ME when you can buy a board painted by SAMIR??? 😎 listen, this kiddo’s gonna be famous one day so y’all might as well snag his signature before his art sells for ten million bucks one day.

When I asked him what he wanted to do and be one day, he pointed down at the longboard and said “This. I want to be a painter like you.” 🥹😭

So here we are!!! He’s an official hired painter! Whenever you buy a longboard from us that’s been painted by one of our kiddos or adults we’re connected with, we’ll be able to send them a check and give them the good news that someone bought their artwork!! Someone is supporting them and loves what they’ve created! And hopefully this will Samir realize that he really can be a painter when he grows up.

I thought for a while about how to properly support our friends in shelters, and I knew that something needed to change. It’s a lot more empowering to realize they earned that paycheck! They made something valuable! They are valuable! Even starting out at 12 years old. Imagine what we can do together in Atlanta if we switch the narrative and stigma around shelters and turn it into one big art show that gives back and makes great new friends along the journey. 

Comes as a complete deck, wheels and trucks and Samir’s signature and all. 

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