Behind The Scenes of Bake and Skate

  • The Blog Posts Are Alive?!

    AND LO AND BEHOLD, the blog was alive all along. 

    All that to say, I wanted to give my formal apology for hardcore slacking on blog posts and recipes and stories and weird photos of Oprah with bread. 

    I hope to keep it alive and healthy with new posts, God willing I don't get into any more bike accidents... 

  • The Most Ridiculously Healthy and Delicious Hodge-Podge Granola

    To put it bluntly, this granola recipe is essentially just a mumbo jumbo of as many healthy ingredients in my pantry that I could find and throw into a granola. Your body will thank me.
  • Homemade Lavender-Peach Jam (no grody pectin)

    Well I'm in a bit of a jam today, so I figured, Why not write a post about a jam recipe, if not solely for the irony?