The "Bake" Side of "Bake and Skate"

As you may have noticed, this is solely an outlet for the longboarding hemisphere of this shop. 

But you might be thinking to yourself, or even out loud to the humans in your vicinity, "...but where are the baked goods?! I must have bread!"

Good question, young grasshopper. Good question.

Let me give you a quick low-down of where I am and what I'm doing at this exact moment in time.

I love bread. Probably even more than Oprah does.

I love baked goods. I love bakeries. But mostly all the bakeries I see and visit sell practically the same items. You know, chocolate chip cookies, some banana nut muffins, some scones. These are all great! Really, they are!

But they're boring. Nothing personal, I still obviously eat them, but their menus are boring. So Bake and Skate will be an exotic bakery, with the recipes coming from all around the world. 

A few months ago, I was thinking to myself, "You know... I could always find these recipes and make my own and test them...or I could be taught first-hand how to bake them from people IN these countries, who have grown up with these recipes, while also volunteering and loving them at the same time. So for these next few months, I'm helping out/working/volunteering around the world in bakeries, castles, camps, shops, homes, and even "Spirit Farms" (don't even ask), so that way, when I come back home to open Bake and Skate, I will have learned the tips and tricks from those teaching me how to bake these specific recipes. 

If I want to open this shop with as much wisdom and skill as I possibly can, I need to put myself in situations where I can genuinely experience the culture of where these recipes come from. 

Yes, Google is great, and I can stalk recipe blogs all day long and find beautiful inspiration, but can I bake traditional Hjónabandsæla at midnight in Iceland with another volunteer from Romania while we try to read the ingredients' packaging which is, of course, all in Icelandic? Not unless I buy a plane ticket and go there myself.

So here I am: Selfoss, Iceland. 

Next stop: France.

Chocolate croissants, anyone?

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